Tom’s top selling tips

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A mix of the weather and people’s desire to physically move home in the summer make this a popular time of year, while sellers are more inclined to market their house when they can show off their garden in its full glory.

But although the market is busier, it is still essential to present your home to the market in the best possible way, to ensure you achieve the maximum price. We feel the top three things that can make a difference are…

1) De-cluttering, cleaning and tidying: Buyers need to be able to visualise themselves living in your property. If the house is full of clutter or not as clean as it could be, buyers will be put off or will not be able to see themselves living there.

2) Marketing: Even if you have put all the effort in to presenting your home to the highest standard, if the quality of the photography is poor and there is not a floorplan, you could be missing quality buyers that should be viewing your property. First impressions are key, so ensuring your agent markets the house to its full potential will definitely have a positive impact in the amount of interest generated.

3) Making every room fit for purpose: If a room is not shown for a specific purpose people can sometimes struggle to see how they could make use of the space. If you can ensure every room is furnished and has a defined purpose, you will increase your chances of selling.